Painting is my way to escape… I’m no artist… I just use the colors and the canvas to express.

Below is one of my first paitnings done on a life size. 


I started painting thanks to my dad.  He and I use to paint with water colors on the weekends when I would visit him.  It was truly a bonding time and memories I will never forget.  Below is a picture of us painting together at a meditation & paint retreat we attended together.  One of the best experiences of my life 🙂

Buddha Hair Buns :D

Buddha Hair Buns 😀


4 thoughts on “Painting

  1. I have looked at your first paints for five minute, but I cannot understand what this painting about.

    Am I lack of connotation? >.<

    Did you still remember what was your feeling when you drew this paint? For me, it looks sad…..

    • Michael I honestly don’t know what I was trying to paint. The workshop was to help create the “no-mind” effect… meaning you try not to have a perception and image of what you want to paint…instead you just paint. It’s an abstract painting…so if it makes you feel sad that is completely okay with me 🙂

  2. Hi kishmish .. what a beautiful pictures that you have i rally love in and enjoyed seeing them…i remember when i paint my first picture it was like one palm tree with one man laying under it, and the sun in the top.. my teacher was amazed of my drawings. and i was like its not even my best. 🙂 the reason why he was amazed because he was giving us a lecture on how to draw something that has meaning of it. as a result , i got this little man laying under the palm tree and sun.

  3. it is really good that you have took up a hobby with your father and gives you more bonding time. I cant understand what you have painted but it looks really good and interesting. it makes me imagine stuff which might not have been there for you when you did it, but it looks really nice and i think you have a done a really good job.

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