One Opportunity

Below is a letter I sent out over a year ago when I started a small non-profit organization called One Opportunity.  The outcome was amazing~ received over $1,000 in donations and two boxes full of children’s clothes to donate.  The money funded 28 children to go to school in India and put clothes on the backs of many infants on the street.  I had the opportunity to visit some of the kids who are now attending school when I went to India last December and the smile on their faces was priceless.  It was an opportunity I will never forget and I hope to be able to such acts in the near future regarding medicine and health.

One of the little girls who finally got to wear clean clothes.

One of the little girls who finally got to wear clean clothes.


“Dear Family & Friends, 

 There’s about a month left till my 20th birthday, and I would just like to say how blessed I have been for these years. I’m thankful to have such a supportive loving family around me and amazing friends. With that, I’d like to share a gift with you.

 Something that I’ve always wanted to do is help the kids in countries affected by poverty.. I’d like to start with India, since I’ve been there many times and have had a connection with the kids first hand. I don’t want to make this message negative, I’m not here to list the devastating facts about poverty. I want this to be about realization.

 Look around you. All our clothes, electronics, medicine, food, etc… realize how much abundance we have. How much do we have that hardly gets paid attention to or used, especially the small things. Majority, if not all the kids we know here have access to an education, clean clothes, clean water, medicine, and even internet! 

 More than 50% of India’s population live below the poverty line and 40% of them are children. Think about it. Walking around the streets with no diapers, no under garments, no shoes, no clothes, open wounds, infections, not knowing how to read or write… Their entire world is a little bubble and I want to help expand it. I want to make their first 20 years as good as mine, if not better. If we deserve it, they should too. I’ve seen the joy and appreciation on their face from a simple candy bar but that’s not enough to help them for a life long journey of fulfillment. 

 The greatest gift to me would be if you can help me start one my dreams. If there are any clothing items not being used in your household, they can easily and happily be used by kids in India. If you’d like to give a little money instead, you can rest assured that it will go a long way in helping a child go to school and receive an education. I’ll be holding a day where you can drop off items or I would be glad to pick them up as well. I’ll be sending the items to my grandma and aunt in Rajkot, India who will distribute them directly to the kids or enroll them in school. Pictures and updates will be available shortly after they are delivered. 

 It takes one opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Just think about it. It would mean a lot to me 🙂 

 ♥ Karishma.”


2 thoughts on “One Opportunity

  1. Karishma, this is so amazing! You should be so proud of yourself. I think this is such an incredible thing that you have done and it is so inspirational. That is such a smart idea what you did and very motivational. I can tell you’re a very giving and caring person by just working with you, but this proved it. It’s nice that you got such a big response and were able to collect money and the clothing.

    I really would like to visit India. The culture is so interesting to me. When are we going to have Indian food?  Your letter is so sweet and touching. I would love to help you out with anything if your still continuing your non-profit organization. Please let me know.

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