Who Am I

~Namaste. Karishma here. 21 years young. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. County of origin is India. I’m currently attending Woodbury University to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.  I would like to go on to receive a certificate or degree in Health Administration and eventually work with special ed kids.  I’m very family oriented and my two half siblings make my life complete.  They are much younger than me but it has only grown my love for children even more.

~I love music and art.  Going to concerts and art galleries make me smile.

~I love watching the Food Network and going out to buy the ingredients the next day and then being disappointed by the outcome not looking like what it did on the show, but I still enjoy trying to cook.

~I love Bollywood. Everything about it. The music, the clothes, the colors, the actors/actresses, and of course the fact that they are extremely long.

~I love being out in nature. Hiking, swimming, laying out on the grass, anything away from technology.

~I’m a simple girl trying to enjoy each day as it comes and be in the moment as much as possible.


4 thoughts on “Who Am I

  1. Namaste Karishma

    I will start with what I love the most in India which is the food, especially the rice. I know that India exports one of the best rice in the world, In my future plans I included India as a major destination to visit. I’ve had the opportunity to check on Silicon Valley this summer and now it is time for me to plan a visit to the tremendous city Bangalore as they are popular for having one of the strongest IT industry.

    I feel in the near future India and China will be the leading industries in the world. India is currently engaged in every aspect in Business. I am a big fan of Bollywood movies, the achievement and creativity they reached is fantastic. That helped the movie industry to earn Oscars. My favorite actor is Amitab Batchan I know in India he is considered a legend.

  2. After the short time we have worked together on our project for Dr. Green’s class, I have come to the conclusion that you are unique and awesome. Your cool personality combined with your love in the arts seem out of place here at Woodbury. However, I am glad you did decide to attend Woodbury. Otherwise I never would have met someone as intelligent and artistic as you. Frankly, Woodbury could use more arts, no just fashion and graphics design.

    I am ashamed to say, we are on opposite ends when it comes to technology. I also enjoy the occasional camping trip, ski trip, or Las Vegas road trip. Unfortunately, I do not think I could survive more than a week without a computer with internet. I am not as bad as gluing myself to my smartphone, but I think I would start annoying those around me without some connection to the net.

    How do you do it? In a world where everyone is connected in a blink of an eye. How do you manage to limit yourself from becoming a voice, an audience, a supporter, or gamer simply by logging on with a computer?

    P.S. I am just kidding, hope it doesn’t sound like your a shut in 😉

  3. Dear Karishma , Namaste. You was the first student who I started conversation with in Woodbury University. That was in the INDS class which I dropped at the same day not because of you 🙂 don’t worry. It was because the amount of the writing needed at that class. I really like your personality, quiet, and kind girl who is very proud of her rout. Nothing new for the Indian people because most of them are proud of their country like you. I like the Indian food soooooooooo much. especially the Biriani and Samosa.
    I am going to tell you secret about the strong relationship between Saudis and Indian movies. Before the satellite there was only 4 Channels in Saudi Arabia and every Wednesday all the Saudis watching Indian movies and crying 🙂 in the first half of the movie and dancing in the second half 🙂 It was really excited movies. Karishma, I so proud that I took this class with you. I wish you good luck in your study and life and I hope you start your business by the time you graduate from Woodbury University.

  4. Hi karishma, i enjoyed reading your blog, its really nice that you have two half siblings that would make your life happy. We have similarties such as music, going concerts. But making food i have to re-thiking about it. Its really tiring to make food everyday by yourself i have tried it. but like from time to time its interesting! to watch a video on youtube and try to make it exactly. Lastly i would say that good luck and i wish you bright future.

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